Tough Times

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How many of us really know what it's like to live in a rough world filed with dangers and violence? Recently my grandfather passed away from a massive heart attack, which was also unexpected, and as a doting grandchild I was naturally devastated. Given time to recover and dwell on the event, I've thought about a lot of things lately. I'm fortunate to have known all of my grandparents, even though my grandmother passed away a few years ago. My parents and brother are all alive and well, and I'm really very lucky indeed. By this point in many people's lives, they've experienced much more loss and suffering.

Even the people of Japan, whose lives and homes were torn apart from the devastating earthquake and tsunami, and who now live in fear of the radiation that fills the air and some food sources. A year ago the earthquake that impacted the poverty in Haiti. The constant war in Afghanistan, which harms both our soldiers and civilians living there. The uprisings in a fight for democracy that fills Egypt, Libya, now Syria, and who knows how Middle Eastern countries will follow. I applaud their quest for freedom, and pray for countries under Communist rule.

Slavery is still such an issue, even if it's illegal in the United States. Worldwide, countless people are still in bondage. Women are still considered the lesser gender by many, especially overseas. So much destruction fills this war. This includes murders, abduction, gangs, and addiction.

So here's to the victims in Japan and Haiti, the rebels in Libya, the children enslaved, and the children in sweatshops. The kid in Afghanistan to the kid in your town, bullied on the school bus every morning. Here's to them, for showing me how lucky I really am, and her's to the hope that keeps them going.
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