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Published by Scattercat in the blog Scattercat's blog. Views: 80

Jack-in-the-Box heaved himself upright. “You know I’m right,” he told the assembled toys.

The Plastic Army Men murmured their discontent. “How can you be so sure?” the sergeant growled, leveling a tiny finger.

“It’s psychology,” said Jack-in-the-Box. “He’ll grow old, and one day he’ll get nostalgic for his fond memories of childhood. They always do.”

He-Man snorted. “I don't have any fond memories of his childhood. I spent half of it in the dog’s bowl.”

“Right, right,” said Jack-in-the-Box. “Anyway, he’ll come up, pull out the old toybox, cry a little, and get maudlin… and that’s when we’ll get him!”
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