Trailer trash - transformers 3

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Imagine a world where everyone is 26 or over. No censorship, alcahol for everybody, no school system propoganda and no Transformers films. We would call this land, Utopia.

Ahh Utopia, how I dreamt of it when I watched the first Transformers film. A film where a US soldier runs up to an Iraqi child and together the fight a common enemy (a giant killer cyborg).

TRANSFORMERS (Tom Strange draft)

US SOLDIER: Hey Iraqi kid, help us kill this robot!

IRAQ KID: No way man, you shot my parents in the face yesterday.

US SOLDIER: I don't have to take that from you!

Soldier shoots child. Audience laugh.

The trailer for Transformers 3 is a genuine surprise, in that it seems to hint at an actual plot. Something about giant robots (or whatever the film calls them) hiding on the moon. This sequence will be played at the start of the film, then it'll be story-free business as usual for the next 8 million hours of machines blowing the **** out of each other robot orgy. Wouldn't you rather live in Utopia?
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