Translation issues

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Being not native English always puzzles me whether I write something that's readable by a big audience or not. Sure, living in a great city like Amsterdam is nice and its international. Mostly, I feel like a tourist myself if I go downtown. Most tourists are downtown.

I do have one advantage, because all children learn English at school by the age of 11.

Therefore, it is easy for tourists to ask for directions because almost everybody - from teenager until most elderly - will understand you, all though most Dutch people. Which includes me too, talk with a "funny accent." Also most programs on TV are American - or British - programs with Dutch subtitles.

In Germany, your favorite actor speaks German, all of a sudden. But we do it with subtitles. FYI: I think is better that way.

However, there's a downside too: most people in The Netherlands think that English is a simple language, and I say they're wrong. In Dutch we have a rich vocabulary of words to choose from, way more than in the English language and that makes it so god damn complicated....

Because a word has more meanings if you say it in a diff. Sentence and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

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