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The kids on my block is building a tree house. I can see it from my window and its just a few steps away from our backyard. It came into creation in the beginning of the summer, and all summer long I had the privilege of watching the children build it.

Their parents help them build a platform around two big pine trees. The kids on the block is young, between 4 and 10 so the tree house was set really low. Just 120cm/4 feet of the ground.
That was in the beginning of June, after that the parents just keep and watchful eye and let the kids do the building.

I'm amazed at how it has grown. There result is nothing like the rough little box you imagine when someone mentions a tree house. It is chaotic, organic and intriguing.

At one place the kids raised a 8 foot wall, 3 feet across, reaching towards the sky. Then between the two trees they placed a plank, just to nail up an old carpet there, dividing the platform with a wall and letting the mat occupationally function as a tent against the rain.

On one place on the platform they added a inclined plane of planks meeting the floor, I have no idea why they done this. I can only guess. My guess at the moment is as some sort of pillow perhaps?

The original platform is slowly expanding, with planks just put on top of the original platform, with end poking out out further into the air, and then nailed into place. At five different places, on top of the platform an beneath it there random pieces of railing around the structure, or the original structure.

Each day this random growth continue, one strange piece at the time, while the children work hard, laugh, cry and play.
This little piece, cooperation, random creativity and a total lack of respect for how thing should be done is fantastic. It's a complex mess I just can imagine how they interned and came up with.

I love this sort of unbound creativity and learning by doing for children. I love the fact they are lest to play in the own, with hammers, saws and nails and play and run even id they get a splinter ever now and then or hurt their thumb. For obviously this don't discourage them.
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