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Trouble reaching paradise

Published by crashbang in the blog crashbang's blog. Views: 103

Its been a while since I posted here. Its been a while since I posted anything of great note either. I think Macabre was the last one. Its all been a bit slow for a while. That novel 'the jabberwocky' im hoping to finish tonight. Its taken a long time, im not sure if it was me running out of gas, desire, or what not. But that hasn't been my biggest problem recently.

For two years now, I have never looked elsewhere from being an author. I had no intention of failing to make it as one. I still dont. I still have time, on my side afterall, and alot to learn - but I have no idea how to learn it. I have imagination - that always has been my biggest asset, but that is nowhere near enough. I have decent writing skills - i can construct a sentence well enough. I can mix in themes to my work. But subtleties...

I really don't know where I stand as a writer anymore. Im not sure how good I am, not sure how good I can become, no idea how to improve, with a reluctance for reading. Everything just looks bleak writing wise, like any idea of bridging that far is as far away as it ever was.

Still, I have a plan. Im going to make to do lists again. Im going to make sure I get it all done, and then...maybe Ill get back on track. Maybe.

Anyway, see you later, if you ever see this.
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