Trust Fall

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It was a dark and stormy night. Actually, it wasn't. Quite to the contrary actually. The Fall air welcome. Crisp and cold. On the breeze, the perfect dash of faint, tangy wood smoke. Wispy, bringing forth memories of a fast coming Holiday.

These were the days she loved. That fuzzy scarf and the boots that everyone hated but had to have. Cheeks, rose kissed by the coming winter chill. A glow impossible not to fall in love with. Breeze fluttered hair the color of Canada's pride. Proud as the Clydesdale breed. A unique, persnickitty mare. Strength announced in the blaze of Montana sky blue eyes.

The mold, thank God its broken.

Basic be damned. Bea, the girl with a foundation so indomitable that, well, so what if its pumpkin spice? Built, to last. A woman of swirling depths, a mystery, wrapped in an enigma. Take a ticket, wait impatiently. Yes Ma'am.

Thoughts drifted to him, to that squirrel, back to the desktop, change the playlist, did I feed my cat? Then there was him. That person. Her person. She loved that person.



That feeling, is mutual.
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