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Trying to make a song that's an magic spell to remove a curse, & etc.

Published by SerenaYasha in the blog SerenaYasha's blog. Views: 109

I don't know where to post this in the forum plus not sure how to explain what i want.

the song is for my story. i can't decide if i want to just describe the song or actually write out what the words to the song.

it suppose to a song that a magic spell (incantation) to remove a curse. i want to readers to not be able to tell if the song will work thats way depending on how you feel could be a happy or sad song.

the singer is suppose to be singing about the couple who is cursed ( she is not part of the couple but knows them)

I want reference to rewinding time, wish to change the past, removing the mask of fear, stop ignore what they know,

I know I want " what's done is done now be undone" in the lyrics and how tragic the couple can't live with or without each other cursing them in more ways then one

I had times where i thought up lyrics but then forgot what they before i could write them down.

any advice
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