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Turn Writing Prompts Into Loveable Stories

Published by goddessofwords in the blog goddessofwords's blog. Views: 139

Much of my day is spent fiddling about online reading poetry or stories from other writing. Sometimes while reading others' works I become inspired, my muse pops out, and away I go, writing and creating and having a delightful good time! Unfortunately, this almost never happens.

But I will tell you what almost always clicks on my thinking cap. . . Can you guess? That's right! Writing prompts.

Now I know what your thinking. "Really, Sarah? You are wasting my time on writing prompts? Those are so middle school."

I'm completely, one-hundred percent serious. I use them just about all the time. My muse is such a flaky lady; she can never make up her mind. And once she does FINALLY decode on a topic... "Ooh look! Over there! Sarah, let's write about monkeys wearing hats taking a ride on the Subway!" Suffice to say she can be considerably vexing.

A writing prompt gives me a challenge (write a 100 word story about an old married couple visiting their parents grave, etcetra blah blah) and most importantly a goal. I sometimes become overly upset and stressed due to the vlexibilty writers have when imagining characters and conflicts - sometimes I just need an idea. this is where the writing prompt comes in. (cue imaginary oohs and ahhs)

There is a handy app I like to use called Flash Fiction Prompt that picks out a character (their profession), a setting, and a conflict. It is generally pointed towards flash fiction, but I sometimes use it to create longer, more complex stories. It's so handy and it's FREE!

Off to my writings now. . . You should definitely check the app out or just google writing prompts. They're everywhere!

Hope I kept you entertained with my obsessing over WPs. If I didn't, that's okay too!

~Goddess of Words
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