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I remember when My Space was big. every one was in a hurry to upload their pictures and find friends on it. The facebook came out and made the social networking scene childes play. putting the ability to find the majority of people you have ever met in your life at the tips of your fingers.

I off-lined my personal facebook account for personal reasons. I felt as if my personal life is unimportant to who i want too be. so i made a Twitter account. I did this so i can connect my self with other people doing the same quest i am. looking for my self, or the life style of my self.

On Twitter, i can share my writers life with out compromising my personal security. for working in the security style industry for years, this is paramount too me.

So! if you have a Twitter for personal or for your writer life style please add me follow me and encourage me into a better life style!

rsrousel is my user name.. if that doesn't work try R.S. Rousel!
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