Two blog madnessness

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So I have decided one thing for completely certain. Having two blogs is mildly confusing. My other blog is the one that actually has remotely exciting stuff for people to read in it, while this one just has me rambling about profile pictures that don't even apply anymore and hair color. My other one has those things too but I also have a new writing series thing going, a few continual lists and some other interesting little posts of things I like. A little more the same everything that I've managed to condense into this blog. I suppose if I wanted to I could, I don't know, post stuff, like my writing and stuff on here but I don't know how well that would go over because of that whole editing thread thing...

Anyway, my other blog is this: (if that doesn't work for ya, copy and paste it into the URL box thing).
So go forth and read the good words of not that much interesting of stuff going on. And if you ARE reading it, please do, don't be afraid to comment/talk to me about it/tell me it's not interesting and suggest things I should do to change that.

Wait wait. I figured out how to make a link...

Hopefully ;)
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