Two Week's Notice

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I decided that this simply couldn't wait until tomorrow.

As none of you know, I work (soon to be used to work) at Starbucks. This, however, is a franchise Starbucks... translation: it's not a real Starbucks translation: it effing sucks.

With that as a preface, please have a glimpse into the (no joke) worst day EVER. So, i get put on register, which is the worst job second only to lobby (nice word for trash man). I will keep my complaints about register to a minimum. However, it must be said that register is torture. Smiling, feet hurting, no food, no water, over rings, etc, etc, etc, the list goes on.

Before I explain what happened next, I must tell you that one day prior to this, I called the human resources department about our air conditioning. Our manager has seriously been telling us to open all the windows to keep it cool in 95 degree weather... I don't believe it is necessary to comment on the brilliant display of human brainpower here. So, I took matters into my own hands and called Janice, asking if we had air conditioning and, if so, why it was not being used. Janice says we do and that I should talk to Sarah (the brain). I say fine.

Once I come into work, a shift leader comes to me and tells me that Chris, the manager of all restaurants on this property is angry at me, Cora Riley, for exercising my employee rights to air conditioning. Does Chris tell me this himself? No. Chris, very maturely, decides to come in while I'm on register and complain about the store. I am aware that he may be upset, but I decide to say hello and start a conversation first.
Employee (Me): Hi Chris, How are you?
Chris: I'd be a lot BETTER if this STORE were cleaner.
Do you honestly think I even care how clean this store is?
He continued around the store being a complete ass to everyone in sight - never once addressing the issue.

Yes, he emphasized the capitals in speech.
Yes, he is the manager of an entire University’s dining program.
And no, he is not under the age of twelve.

Awesome display of teamwork and leadership, Chris! I almost brought it up but I refuse to be talked down to by someone so incredibly rude. Way to instill a passion and respect for the workplace in your employees,Chris.

Needless to say, fueled by two quarters filled with days similar to this one, I put in my two week's immediately after my shift ended.
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