UGH. She's conformed...

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Jessicka Fodera. (Jack off Jill - don't bother with her new band, their music is bland)

Untill about 30 mins ago, I absolutely Idolised her looks. I loved her 'Big is beautiful' attitude and her cute plump face and big eyes. I thought she was amazing.

She even referred to herself as a 'Zaftig Cherub and proud' - Zaftig meaning a pleasently plump woman and cherub of course meaning a chubby, rosey-cheeked angel. I thought that was so cool - I even called myself A Zaftig cherub a few times, even though I was nowhere near as big as her.

Then, after people compared me to her in the pic thread, I was very pleased and felt very pretty, So I thought, 'Hey, I haven't look anything up on her new band in ages...'

So I did, and what do I find?

Some skinny SHELL of a woman with a very different nose.

She looks horrible. Ugly.

She's lost all her sexiness.

She made ME feel good about myself. She made me believe that being a size 16 is gorgeous. She made me believe that SHE believed that too, but I was clearly wrong.

I can't believe she's conformed. And she HAS conformed - she now dresses, weighs, and has surgey just like all the celebrities that she critiscized.

She looks like any old girl now. It's not the weight so much but the falseness. She still promotes 'Big is beautiful' and yet she no longer represents that - she's bone thin now and her nose looks VERY much like it's had surgery, which sickens and saddens me.

Ugh. I feel like my Idol's just betrayed me, and I can't believe I only just found out.

This sucks.

Oh- and the latest thing she did was appear on 'Germany's next top model' with Heidi Klum. What the heck has happened?!
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