Ugh...stupid boys.

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Okay, so around August I was dating this guy, he was my best friend and I was pretty much in love with him. Then around October, he told me he was Bi, which, I dealt with fine, I always figured it would happen eventually. Then, a few weeks later, I found out he was cheating on me with another guy, and I ended the relationship. Which was a horrible night for me.

Under the careful guidance of my friends, I didn't talk to him for quite a while, but in that time, I found out that I was one of three girls (one whose name was Emily), and two guys. A real a******.

So, I didn't talk to him, and shoved all remembrances of him in a box. The Ethan Box. And for a while I was fine, I missed him and was heartbroken, but I was doing okay.

Which brings me to today, I was talking to an old friend who brought him up. I'd been kind of depressed lately just because he had been on my mind so much. She said "He told me that he thinks your mad at him because you won't return his calls and you hardly ever hang out anymore."

This just makes me angry. One, don't I have the right to be angry with him? I didn't do anything to him. And two, he hasn't called me in months. But then there is this tiny part in the back of my mind that says "Call him! Call him!" Even though I know that's the worst thing for me.

I don't know, I just needed to vent. I need hugs. And I might end up seeing him tonight anyway. At the big fireworks in town.
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