Uhh... A New Genre?

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It's depressing to see a superstar get paid millions of dollars a night, and get arrested for DUI only to be given a slap on the wrist and a scolding. It's depressing to see that the new movie you've wanted to see badly turns out to be a total bust. It's depressing to know that the TV series you've followed for the past couple of years is going to be discontinued. But this? Really?

My holiday shopping excursion, which ended up taking the entire night, was going well- With pretty decent gifts for under $20 a person, I was satisfied that the hole in my wallet wasn't going to be too big. So I decided to do a little shopping for myself, and I'll admit that I rarely do indulge myself in impulse purchases. Of course, I decide to go to Barnes and Nobel, the big-brand bookstore almost anyone knows. I browse the sections and find nothing that catches my eye. All of the Sci-fi series look alike, war-torn and wasteland-ish, and nothing in the fantasy section caught my eyes. As usual, I avoided the romance and teen romance sections, and go into the fiction. Still, nothing. So I decide to look again in Fantasy, skimming the sections in between. Teen Fiction, nothing interesting, Mystery, a few things, and then I see it. In the bold white on green background, "Teen Supernatural Romance." I lost a LOT of hope for society in that one section. Twilight can be classified as a Romance, as well as many other Vampire-romance novels (notice, they are ALL vampires), and I was ready to walk out of the store then and there. I would have, too, if I had my own ride (Still a pedestrian). So, I find myself again looking at the fantasy books, hoping to find some salvation in the written words of master writers, who can bend and twist realities in any way possible, and I can't find anything. So, where did all of these amazing writers go? Why is it that everyone has to follow the money-making trend, giving up all important values of writing, creativity, and originality? A message to all writers: not everyone is interested in a vampire-romance novel.

Sadly... It still sells...
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