Unfavorite Dream

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Of the many, many recurring dreams I have, this is by far my unfavorite.

It has a mirriad different forms but always there is one thing that is unchanging. The dream occurs on the day I (don't) graduate from High School.

Last night I dreamed that I was getting ready to go out. I lived in a city style Brownstone and I was looking for clothes to put on. I suddenly realize that today is graduation. There are assignments pending, and all kind of things get in the way of me getting out of the house and on to school. At many points during the dream the more sensible part of brain tells me that I have already graduated from High School long ago. I also know in my dream that I have graduated from the Defense Language Institute and from the University of Florida. But dreams make no sense and so still I am panicked that I won't graduate from High School. All sorts of people from many different parts of my life wander in and out of the dream and more and more obstacles get in my way and I never make it to school.

I know full well what this dream is about. It's about failure or a sense of failure. Alongside guilt, jealousy, and envy, I can't think of a more ugly feeling. That's why it is my unfavorite dream. :(

Why do I have this dream so often?
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