Unknown species.

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People quickly judge you by appearence. They look at you like you are some unknown species. They glare. The stares are making you self-concious and you think that you have to completely change since you are known for a "unknown species". They don't know your name or what you are truly like inside. You go home looking at yourself in the mirror realizing you looked like a complete fool, so you change. Next day, you walk in the hallway and all eyes are looking at you, jaws drop, and the occasional look of up and down. People surrounding dying to know your name, "Gabriela", and what you are like. They smile and touch your delicate skin were it almost hurts being touched, but you smile to impress. People hear your name all around the school. You smile to pretend you are strong. You go home ready for the madness to begin.

Message: Don't change yourself for other people cause you aren't like them. A smile can change a persons life and also can be a sheild to protect yourself. You are beautiful and you are not alone. We can go through things together.

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