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[Untitled Series 01]

Published by harunashiro in the blog harunashiro's blog. Views: 168

There are minor mistakes. I don't know if I'll ever properly write this story.


The rainy weather hadn't let up at all. When it seemed to have died out, it would pour down rain seconds later; much harder than it had done so earlier. Running across the bridge to find cover, the girl held onto her dark, velvet cloak close to her to protect her brown face from the biting cold wind and rain; her weapons, a katana strapped to her waist and a mage's wand strapped to her back, clinking along with her steps. She jumped from the bridge's railing, landing on her hands and knees instead of on her feet, before scrambling and making her way inside through a large slit in the wall that was big enough for maybe a grade schooler. But, because this secret area was in a spot where there were rarely any visitors made the young girl feel at ease and gave her time to think of another place to hide out if the Council were to ever find her and seal the rest of her powers.

She was on the run from the country's Council of Vera after being accused of murdering a powerful Aristocrat who made a deal with the Empress about restricting the Argoul and Trygian races from migrating to Vera; whose population was 99.9% Human. A small group of Argoul who had probably been hiding out in Vera, joined together and had planned to assassinate both the Aristocrat and the Empress, but had only managed to kill the Higher Up before they were caught and were fleeing with their lives. The young girl, who was 100% Argoulian, got caught in the mess when she had gotten lost from the train station. The assassins plowed through her, knocking her down and just when she was about to pull out her weapon to stop them, the security guards saw her with her weapon drawn and pointed their guns at her. Explaining herself ended up being for nought since they thought she was with the assassins and a General sealed only part of her powers after she caught him off guard, kicked him and ran as fast as she could with her hands cuffed behind her back. With really no one to turn to, the girl---Lorelei---had to go into hiding until she could figure out what she had to do next.

Lorelei sighed as she sat down infront of a small fire she made for herself; unclasping her weapons, and pulled off her damp velvet cloak as her long, lavender hair fell messily over her shoulders; the ribbon that was used to tie her hair back had come loose and landed in her lap. She winced at the water that touched her elvaan ears and hastily started to pull her wet hair back into its high ponytail to stop it from dripping.
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