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The light faded slowly, Solaris making her final glance of her kingdom before leaving it to her sister Luna.

As if whispers in the breeze caressed his ears, Laurence awoke to the darkness he had learned to love. He brushed his hair out of his eyes and arched his back, the movement raising him from his bed. Eyes adjusting to the world, he saw nothing at first, but quickly realized he wasn't alone.

"Arah told me you'd be waking soon." The husky voice said from a far corner. "I almost considered waking you earlier, but realiezed-"

"How very stupid it would be to wake one of us when we're hungry?"

"Yes, that." The chains around his wrist clinked softly as he moved his arms nervously.

Luarence raised a hand, beckoning his visitor towards him, the realization that only one of them could see in the darkdawned on him slowly. "Come, come to my voice."

"Is it safe?"

"Yes. I promise it is."

Lurence smiled as he heard the shuffling grow closer, the very heartbeat of his visitor beginning to pound within Laurence's own chest, "You know, one would think you'd have more faith in me."

"One would also not make that mistake thrice." the chains rang once more as the visitor rubbed nervously at his neck.

"Fear doesn't sate the appetite, only compound it." Lurence said as he stood completely out of the bed and crossed the last bit of distance between the two. He smiled at the sharp intake of breath that responded to him, "Why do you fear me so?"

"Why does the mouse fear the cat? The cat the dog? Why do I fear you you ask?" His voice muffled as he folded himself into Laurence's embrace, "Why do I fear you?" He looked down at the sensation on his wrist, his heart starting to speed up.

Laurence smiled as he laced his finger through one of the links in the bracelet, the pulse an added bonus. "I shouldn't have asked that quesion, I am sorry, can you forgive me?" He grinned as rested his head on is visitor's.

"Only, only if you remember my name." He pulled away slowly, trying to reign himself in. "My name, can you recall it?"

Laurence couldn't restrain his anger at the mere mention of that name. The visitor broke into tears and bit backa scream at the pain in his wrist. The chains had stopped nothin, absolutely nothing.
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