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Published by ZachWeber in the blog ZachWeber's blog. Views: 97

Lately, Ive felt myself becoming more and more inclined to find little things in life to nit-pick about, I find myself bringing up the stupidest things to my girlfriend for some reason wanting to start a fight... I have no clue why, but i hate this, i dont like feeling like i need to fight with anyone. especially not my loving girl friend. I feel as if my behavior lately has slammed a wedge in between myself and others... I dont get it. I hate it, ive been very disappointed in myself lately, finding myself, picking out all my flaws and putting myself down. I know this blog is kind of all over the place but i am just flutsered, can really explain how ive been feeling lately. Im happy with my loving girlfriend, but i feel as if im annoying her and not letting her be herself... I know if i am annoying her, she wont admit it because she doesnt want me to be upset, but idk, theres just alot on my mind, ill keep the blog current with my thoughts.:(
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