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The unborn and unleished walking on the shadow of emptiness,where he drains his heart full of joy and happiness.
He thy seeks for the pleasure and warmth in between the corner of the streets.Sheds the moon with the light uplifts
the drainage with wine ,brushes his tales with fiercing stories when he utters in between the mass.The friday night
with liquid into the door of breath excites his senses to different level,people cheering and shouting and sequencly
upholding the uplifted tales in their door.The grief of falling inthe streets or sand doesn't bother the people but
the story untold still persists in the door of people who heard.The southern wind binds with the leaf making a dancing scene
in the air forcing the people to go summoned upon the vague crowd of air particles it just swings and sings and makes us
surprised in the tiffany and emptiness mind what shall be the cause but it is rather
the enjoyment and the romance and happiness it reflects since the sun is in the blue sky providing warmth to the preacher's
He thy walks to the shore of sea and welcomes the soul of sea to his appearence and thanks for the love and care the soul
of sea has provided upon this earth aswell to daily living beings.He then lays to shore and stares to the horizon trying to
enjoy his time of life with silence and birds chirping around.The song that air sings and shore makes the music where blue skies
floats as roof and they are the performers i'm the audience trying to hear the natural voice and color of self where do i belong
and where do i come from.The smoothing sand providing ground to stage people like trees and leaves sings their way,going
side by side and with shore's movement there i lay by the shore shooking my head as witness,shooking my head as witness.
For all this would have been enveloped if there was no one to preach through these scenario and tell world
how beautiful and wonderful it is to be in the section of Untold,there is where i lie shooking my head as witness,as witness.
The trees grow as ants move uphill ,in the battle field as soldiers roar for victory,with cold breeze a lover awaits her love
,in the night storm a sailer awaits to see the island,there I stand in between to show the world the story untold.
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