Upped the ante, man! This is awesome *singsong voice*

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Got the ball rolling on one of my MC's who had taken the back burner for my MC Sabby lately. Taren finally has a 2nd page all on her own :) So happy! I love it when inspiration hits like a mack truck going 90! WOO!I just wish that my Taren character would stick in my head. Grr. She has a habit of fading into the background whenever another character is introduced. Like her opposite-yet-best-friend Felix, who is quickly gaining ground in my story line.

My total WC is now 22,569! I think it's nearly doubled in the last 2 weeks. I'm so happy! Excited! And content now that I know it wasn't any writer's block I was suffering from, but just obsessing about the characters and letting them take their time. Oi. What a whirlwind!
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