Ur Reek Argh! ™

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A most fowl odor emanated from the refrigerator!
So as not to succumb to the nauseating gaseous smell seeping into my nostrils, I slowly slithered and slunk ever so into the kitchen!
There, the stench nearly toppled me over despite donning a gas mask and space suit!
Green fetid fumes curled from the right hand crisper and caused me to gag!
With a deep inhalation the gloved fingers of my right hand stretched out to brave the noxious dying dragon breath!
Despite the protective goggles, my eyes started to water and nearly roll out of their sockets!
Thru this tearful trauma, the decaying package of chicken oozed putrefaction!
No dinner for me tonight!
Matter of fact, my previous meals from the day bubbled up inside, and rose to verge of spilling out hot magma like fluid!
“You can do this dangerous deed” repeatedly iterated! “Yes” came the silent answer!
With mitt shielded hand, and face directed far from the offensive smell, a quick darting motion took place to remove this sickeningly rotten queasy pestilential offal!
Upon grasping hold of this maggot covered loathsome malodorous muck, an awful brackish river of rancid fluid dribbled from without the cellophane!
Though tossed into an extra hefty made plastic trash bag, the offensive fumes rose and assumed what resembled a mushroom cloud!
The repulsive wretched poison wreath thence radiated rings that seemed to possess an evil penchant to strangle me!
Quick as a fox on fire, this spry older papa poured perfume to prevent the pernicious repulsive wicked decayed flesh to permeate the entire house!
Also within the same above noted motion, my skinny legs sprinted to the front door (establishing an unofficial Olympic record) and made a beeline to the angry birds long past their feeding time!
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