Utopia...for 3 months!

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Finally! Holidays.

Yup. Holidays.

It sounds so soothing to the ears.

CAUSE IT FOR 3 MONTHS! 90 days of joy, bliss and self-improvement. We have all the time for learning stuff, having fun and most importantly - writing!

I'm very busy ATM, since I'm cleaning my room and lounge which is quite a project! But once it's done I'll be at rest so I'm aiming to drive myself crazy cleaning it up. But here's a general overview of my plans for summer.

- Enjoy internet
- Watch movies/cartoons
- Write my novel and complete it
- Give a final edit to my other novel and try to find a suitable agent
- Record my songs
- Learn Arabic
- Revise my entire course of past two years, including summer school
- Swimming for a month
- Lose a couple of kilograms
- Contribute to the household chores
- Learn to cook some fancy stuff
- Improve my relations with my family (which I would, if I'd do everything above :p)
- Promote my religion, study it and spread the knowledge
- Beautify myself (lol)
- Keep contact with my friends
- Last but not the least...
PROMISE MYSELF TO LIVE A CONSTRUCTIVE SUMMER VACATION. (Something I've been trying to do for the past 3 years. :p)

Anyway, I should get back to work. HURRAAAY!!!
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