Violinist...oh and a fez!

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I’m more powered up than I was after my school election victory! Old Dove ego’s back with some over enthusiastic crazy ideas most of which I’ll do!

500 CV’s printed out meet up with The Shaw dominate every single room I walk into! Any slump who attempts to out whit me will find themselves easily out done and left to walk away dragging what’s left of their pride.

In the past few weeks I’ve become more dominating, I used to enter a room and be silent, fear creating a response now I love, nothing like the look on someone’s face who glares at you laughing in their mind then within seconds their entire world is torn down, that look it priceless!

Like always no drugs! No matter what **** I’ve got going on drugs will never be my idea of a solution as I’m mad enough without them.

I’ve got a revised Doveism Political party with everything sorted from a new economic solution to a new society!; I’m an actor, advertiser, creative master mind! A man with a million ideas and nothing to lose!

Soon to be homeless, currently jobless and I’ve got about £10 life savings….

And I couldn’t be happier!

So anything or anyone who wants to challenge the Dove step fourth I shall not destroy you but confuse, disable and transform you into a follower…like sheep to a Shepard!

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