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Waaayyy-out of the money again

Published by exweedfarmer in the blog exweedfarmer's blog. Views: 126

I find myself bringing up the rear in this month's short story contest again. I shouldn't complain about being bested because some of you folks are really good. I've entered ten short stories and I've won twice, that's a pretty good average.

We had a run away winner again this month but for the life of me I can't find anything to like about this story. It has a great big plot hole in getting a gun into prison (they really frown on that) and it's so cliché that it's almost plagiarism. Zatarks from SG1, The Bourn Legacy, just the number of movies and TV shows it steps on are mind boggling, so why did it win?

The story that got my vote, got... my vote and that 's it. I certainly thought it was the cream of the crop. So then, what am I going to do for next time to see if I can't do a little better in the rankings?

NO pseudo-science.
Common trope.
More emotionalism (that's going to be a trick).

Onward, ever onward.
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