Waking the lion cub

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“Oy, sleepyhead, time to get up!” Nomio didn’t get the chance to even open before the cup of cold water was poured over his head. With a small yelp, he jumped up, nearly tumbling backwards over the low wooden couch he had been dozing on. But before he could complete his fall, four hands grabbed his arms and shoulders to keep him up. “Oy, no need to get all jumpy now!” Nomio looked around, somewhat bewildered. He was still in the Universities common room, and if the light coming trough the large white/orange stained glass windows was any indication, it was an hour or so after midday. Nomio shrugged and shot an accusing glance to one of the two young man holding his arms. “You couldn’t have woken me some hours ago? I was supposed to be in the kitchens to help with tonight’s feast.” The young man grinned and let go of Nomio’s arm, as did the other one. “Me and Robert figured you could use the sleep. You haven’t had a beauty sleep in three weeks now.” “Besides,” the other man said, “we already cleared it with Anitha. She will have some other water elemental cool the drinks t’night.” Nomio blinked, but decided not to ask how they had managed to make that arrangement. Anitha’s temper was legendary among the students, and although the Mistress of the Kitchen seemed to like Nomio, she was not one to make last minute changes in the work rosters. Especially not with a feast only hours away.

Instead, he stared at the two boys in front of him. William and Robert were fellow students, second termers, like himself. The difference was age; Nomio had only just turned fourteen, while both the boys in front of him were three years older. Nomio had joined the University at the age of twelve, making him one of the youngest students in the last twenty years. He shook his head. “Thank you, I guess. I haven’t been sleeping a lot lately.” William’s grin widened. “We know. According to some rumours, you’ve been stalking the Galleries. The again, there are also rumours that include you and lady Fiona…”

Nomio blushed. Mistress Fiona was one of the Masters of the University, and taught painting to the second year students. She had taken a liking to Nomio at the start of the year, praising him not only on his work, but on his looks as well. He had yet to sit trough a class given by her without blushing. “Nothing like that, I was just studying some of the paintings and sculptures. I want to be prepared for when we head to Remelon.” William shook his head, and Robert exhaled loudly. “The trip to Remelon isn’t for another six months. Besides, you are already better prepared then half of the other students that are going, myself included.” Nomio couldn’t help but to grin. It was true, off course. He had been studying his ass of ever since he got here, unlike most of his fellow students. But Nomio had plans, big plans, and so he was anxious to complete his education. After all, a painter with a degree from Tolvon’s University of Arts was welcomed into the homes of the rich and the wealthy, and in order to become rich, one should first do business with the rich.

“I just want to make sure I’m prepared. Master Denius assured me many of his former students would be present there, and I’m very interested in the works of some of them. He said one of his students made a three feet high painting, using his water elemental to direct the paint all over the canvas.” To create a painting with nothing but your elemental… Nomio prayed that one day, he would have that kind of control.

William shrugged. “Have it your way. Me and Robert are going over to the river. You should come along, watch the boats come in, maybe have a little swim. I heard several of the girls also went that way.” Nomio grinned. “I’ll come. Just let me fetch my pouch.” He would study some more tonight. For now, he would spend time with his friends.
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