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walking towards the path of........??

Published by Jay Scarlett in the blog Jay Scarlett's blog. Views: 148

who would of have thought that a small storm would come this evening. Specially with the hot nice weather we had this day. I couldn't help myself but to be happy yet sad. It felt as this storm was speaking to me letting me know something that I should know, or is it just my imagination going wild once again. I felt like the storm was a part of me. A piece of so many unknown pieces of me. I don't even know what I'm saying or thinking. I think I'm reading too much of this beautiful, calm lightning storm.

Wait what?? A lightning storm??? Just seen how the lightning spreads in the sky with its beautiful color, it just gives me this feeling in my chest. Is it a warm, happy, sad, empty, exited feeling. I can't tell which one is it. But I love it, I just love this feeling and this storm. Oh the feeling of the cold rain coming down, the flashes of the lightning, the noise of the thunder, and the feeling of the wind passing by. Al these elements make me feel whole or that there are still a lot of pieces missing. I have the time of the world to find them or should I say to find my self. Oh no!!! the storm!!! its clearing... I feel sad that its gone yet I feel recharged, it gave me energy somehow.... is it strange or normal?.... I could say something but I rather not. Alexa should be home soon and I should get ready to sleep. I feel like tomorrow is going to be a special kind of day. *smiles*

Is this my old childhood school? mmmmm..... It is!! But why do I always dream of this place. Dream of the same stuff yet kind of different. But today I can tell is way different then the others. Oh a teacher!

me: "Hello, I used to come here when I was a little girl. Today I just decided to come and see it again."

Teacher- "yes I remember you, you came 5 years ago here to visit too."

I remember that I came to visit around here but I'm certain that I DID NOT came here. But then again this is a dream. So I'll just go along with it I guess.

me: "do you mind if I just look around?"

Teacher- "Oh no I don't, go ahead you are free to look around and do as you pleased."

me: "Thank you."

Seems like not a lot has changed yet its different. Oh I remember this classroom. After this everything changed. This feeling what can I called it. I feel like a lot of battles, heart breaks, lives, a lot of things happened here. *tears coming down* oh great now why am I crying. But what did I just said right now?? what does that mean. I feel like I have travel here for a reason. What is that reason!! I think I should go with the flow of this dream. All these feelings that I feel is amazing. Like I can........... OMG!!!! *blush* wait why am I blushing??? I feel like I should know him, that he, that he is, that uuumm..... shoot what is wrong with me. Just turn around and keep walking away from him and keep looking around reminiscing long lost memories of my past lives. Past LIVES!!!!! *looking around nervously*

Him: "hey, you finally came."

me: *staring blankly* *shakes head*

Him: "You don't remember do you?"

Me: "No, but I have this feeling in my chest that says yes."

Him: '' I have being coming here to see if I could meet with you."

Me: "to meet me?

Him: "Yes, I have travel through out time and space. To come help you regain what was yours or taken from you. I know you don't understand it yet. But soon you will. You came into a dream of mine and asked me to help your former self to regain a part of yourself. A part of yourself that you left with me long time ago."

Me: " A part of myself? Came to you in a dream?" *looking confused*

Him: " I know its confusing at the moment but soon enough it will make sense. The time that the world needs you will come when you at least expected. And you need to be prepared for it."

Me: " ok, ok. How can I prepared myself. How can I gain and unlock my powers. After that fierce battle we had to protect the kingdom and to make sure nothing happened to the prince. We had to break all rules and use that forbidding spell to not die. Who would of have known that our enemy was that powerful and deceived me like that. I hate myself for hesitating like that. I shouldn't have let my feeling come to live. I should of have listened to you."

Him: " You starting to remember. I wish I could of have known too. who would of have thought that he was the enemy. But I'm sure something happened to him to end up like that."

Me: " I think I know what happened. That day that he was kidnap and about to be killed. I was there, I couldn't just watch and do nothing. I tried all I could and when I saw that he was about to die I jumped in and the blade went through me and him. I just had one look at him and felt a connection. I felt something and from there on we all changed. I unlocked all the powers at once and became what people described as a celestial being."

Him: *hearing some type of bells* " Its time for me to go. I'll see you next dream to start the preparations." *kisses me gently*

Me: *heart thumping* *smiles sadly*


I closed my eyes and tries to hear what he says. But as always I cannot hear it. I feel like she's waking up or should I say that I'm waking up. Hope I can remember this dream and continued to dream about it. It is time I remember and unsealed all of my memories and powers. Remember its time! ITS TIME!!
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