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Wanderer on a Breeze (Poem)

Published by suhailp in the blog suhailp's blog. Views: 161

Inspired by this song (its lovely)

Like broken lines and shattered bones,

empty remnants of what was once a timid callow creature grown,
roaming the tall willow tree's,
between yellow and green waxy leaves from whence he grew
above the scarlet red prickly yew that adorns the forest floor.
A shimmering silver web pours forth from these spindly hind legs,
where here he lays patiently for many moons,
till soon the time came for him to rise, set forth and travel through
those lofty valleys he once gazed upon so admiringly,
longingly off into the distance from far down below.

Passing by on a cool summers breeze,
across the sweeping tundra, plundering under the darkened depths,
To find those secrets lost in that great abyss of time.
Here I am - a man now,
from this young seedling sown, having flown across the deep blue skies,
cotton white clouds that loft high and soar far above these stone built canopies.
These moments, those bare decrements of hazy days gone by,
lost as I float through the ocean skies, forgotten as time continues to saunter along,
Beneath me, nothing seems to complete me.
Cursed to aimlessly ride the breeze like the gentle waves of the turquoise seas,
wandering along, pondering on,
forever cursed to sing this hopeless song.
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