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War of the Gods

Published by fantasywriter in the blog fantasywriter's blog. Views: 103

My latest work is a short story called War of the Gods, consisting of 4 Parts. I've already posted Part 1, if you're interested: http://www.writingforums.org/showthread.php?t=13371

I'll be adding parts 2 and 3, which are finished, within the week. At the moment I'm writing a rough draft of Part 4, so be looking forward to the thrilling conclusion to War of the Gods!

Plot Overview

Calvus Asa and his four friends find themselves traveling in the company of the Knights of Khund, who are rallying against the evil Black Knights. As they stand against this newfound enemy, Calvus must face his dark past to overcome the Black Knights, and his friends must endure hardships of their own.

While the humans fight, like the lesser beings that they are, the gods endure a battle of their own - one of their fellows has betrayed a sacred oath, and Talos, Father-God, is infuriated.

To solve the conflict of the humans, a magical amulet must be found, The God of Chaos must be stopped, and the companions must overcome themselves if they are to suceed.
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