War Within

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doors slam, chains rattle
you win the war, you loose the battle
ice breaks, dogs bark
tires screech, the fire sparks
lights blink, the wind blows
you fake a grin, the saddness shows
the knife cuts, blood falls
one last tear completes the call
skin rips, rain drops
hearts bleed, they'll never stop
needles scratch, pain has lasted too long
drops of blood echo to the beat of the song
the moon hides, the blood drips
knowing no other way, the broken heart rips
nails on a chalkboard, teeth grind
you're all alone, with no one left to find
you grab the gun, give the world one last kiss
thunder crashes, with no one left to miss
cookies crumble, rules bend
a lighting flash, the world will end
tears fall, you hate goodbyes
you can't hold on, so you just die
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