Warrior Wisewoman 3

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"To the Alter" will be published in Warrior Wisewoman 3, from Norilana Books. (links: Amazon and, for those of you who fear Amazon is taking over the world, Barnes & Noble).

From reviewer Leigh Kimmel:

Throughout history men have made the decision to go to war while women have dutifully sent their sons off to kill and die and have kept the home front going in their absence. In Therese Arkenberg's "To the Altar," a woman president on a far distant colony world is fighting a war not dissimilar to our own War on Terror, yet at the same time reminiscent of the Japanese kamikaze of World War II. The enemy is too weak to have a chance in a stand-up battle, so they send their fighters in more subtle ways, creating an endless stream of wounds. Frustrated by the inability to gain a decisive victory with conventional warfare, she is seriously contemplating using the terrible weapons described in the records of the ships that brought their ancestors to this world. And then comes a suicide fighter of the other side on a most extraordinary mission, very different from what everybody expects. Although the story ends on somewhat ambiguous note, the important moral and philosophical issues have been firmly dealt with.
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