Wave Carriers

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Wave Carriers

Everything enters existence on a wave. The wave is an energetic medium that supports a more indefinable quality or essence. Waves manifest in four varying densities: brain waves, cultural waves, world waves or cosmic waves. Brain waves are the densest and are energetic pulses of life force oscillating at the frequency of sensory awareness. These waves provide an electrical current for the nervous system and as auxiliary power to support vital functions of the body. At a deeper level, in a way similar to how the lines and marks of the hand are etched upon the palm from the electrical impulses of the brain, the spiritual charge is energetically impressed as consciousness upon the vital being as a record of that particular life experience.

Cultural waves originate from the release of inspirational knowledge through the psyche. This creative surge updates the luminosity of brain cells and introduces a radical shift in artistic self expression. The Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment emerged on such a wave. The cultural revolution of the sixties and the new wave of punk rock defined that period of recent history. Social media and the internet are the transmitters of the latest cultural wave currently being dispersed through the global application of modern technology, particularly in popular music, fashion and films.

World waves happen in a way similar to the movement of tectonic plates that cause earthquakes on the surface of the planet. These inner waves are caused by cracks that appear within the psyche, triggering a release of force previously solidified in layers of past human ignorance. These layers or plates are the energetic residue of human experience – a backlog of emotional intensity that has built up over the millennia. The 9/11 terrorist attack was a recent example of an event that triggered a world wave of terrorism that continues today. The global financial crises in the first decade of the new millennium heralded a period of economic uncertainty; an after-effect of the 9/11 world wave. Aids and H.I.V. manifested as a world wave triggered through the aberration of love and the unconscious force of sexual deviancy.

The most powerful wave is the most subtle; that which leaves no discernable trace of being in existence. But its effects are registered through the lesser waves as they arise through the body and into the world. This is the cosmic or spiritual wave that is the omnipresent state of ‘now’, the ever-recurring moment or reality. Although imperceptible to the mind, a cosmic wave is an aspect of humanity’s spiritual identity and can therefore be realised as a state of being or detachment from existence. A cosmic wave is transcendental and not bound by the cause and effects of the external world. All other waves take time to manifest in the world and are subject to the forces of existence as sub-effects and not as an original cause. A cosmic wave encompasses the space between the earth and the most distant star. The potential of human evolution is for the individual to participate as a wave carrier of this mighty cosmic principle of intelligence.
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