We don't meet people by accident

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So I just read this quote;
"We don't meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason."

And it hit me hard because as a person with anxiety, it made me realise how many possible friends and adventures I've missed out on. This is simply because I didn't engage with someone, or was afraid to open up a bit more around someone new. It's because I always imagine strangers as these mysterious creatures that are above me, who are incapable of being clumsy or stupid like me, I basically look at a stranger and don't see them as a human being. It's a very distant mindset to live with, and I'm going to try and overcome it.

I mean we spend a lot of time loving and admiring fictional characters because of how they behave and the interactions they have. But I think we forget that we could enjoy exciting experiences too; if we accepted that a little bravery won't be the end of our world. Sure we can't ride dragons or shoot off into space, but we can still have adventures, and still make some pretty incredible memories.
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