Weather, writing...and a spider

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This is my first blog, so let’s see how it goes.

I woke up this morning to a surprisingly chilly day. It was an unpleasant 7 degrees Celsius according to my online weather tracker, which may not sound that cold to some of you who literally have freezing winters, but after having a previous week full of sunshine and warmth it was temping to sneak back into bed and defrost. To compensate, though, I had two cups coffees within an hour of waking up and I'm due for another one soon.

According the weekly forecast it’s going to be wet and miserable for the rest of the week and although it’s an unpleasant prelude to what winter’s going to be like for me it’s a blessing. With the recent sunny weather I’ve been inclined to sit outside and write. The only problem with that is I end up enjoying the sun and ignoring my writing. But if I go back inside I feel guilty about not enjoying said weather, it’s a catch 22! AHH! Now because of this inner conflict I’ve fallen behind with my writing and desperately need to get going again, so this week is the break I need. This week I can hunker down while it pours outside and concentrate on my writing.

While thinking about the upcoming winter weather I’ve thought about someone who definitely won’t enjoy the weather. Andrew the spider.
Andrew, or Andrea I’m sure what gender it is, is the spider living quite comfortably outside my window, I’m actually not more than about a meter and a half away from him at the moment. His name’s Andrew because my mum thought he was a St Andrews Cross spider which I recently discovered was incorrect, but seeing as I don’t know what species he is I decided the name stays. Now Andy is a worryingly large spider with an even more worryingly large web and an appetite for lost bees. I’m not in any way a spider lover, I mean little spiders and daddy long legs I’m ok with and I’m kind of ok with Andy, hell I named him for crying out loud! However his current residency is creating a problem. His web is so large that it spans the width of the sideway the runs down the side of the house! This is wide enough for two people to comfortably walk down, think about that for a second. Of course, Andy has no intention of moving even when the neighbour's cats try to say hello.
I can’t remember how long he’s been out there, one morning I pulled up my bedroom window curtain and there he was, sitting in the middle of a stringy maze. And that’s all he does most of the time, although on the occasions when he does move it’s amazing to see how easy he does it for a spider so fat.

Unfortunately Andy’s time will be up shortly if this Eaters weather is good. You see, sitting down the side of the house is the roof rack for my dad’s 4x4 and we’ll need if we go camping on the Easter long weekend. And the only way to get it is to go through Andy’s home. With any luck, if that’s what I should call it, Andy will rebuild his home once my dad gets the roof rack. After all Andy’s only doing what spiders do best and to kill him for that wouldn’t be right, even if he is bloody big.
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