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I have been trying to find a mechanism or system for improving my creativity--that is, having creative content to write about. Seriously, I thought about pinning words to a dartboard and throwing 3-4 darts. The funny thing is that I imagine a lot of people here would draw from their extensive mental library of books they've read. I have to admit, I can count the number of fiction books I've read (cover-to-cover) on my hands and perhaps with a little assistance with my toes. I have watched a lot of movies, though.

So this week's weekly writing contest's theme was Dystopian Fiction. My first thought was: What is Dystopian? Is that when you grew up in a family where your Dad beat you and your brother made you smell your own fart? Thanks to technology and the Internet, I was able to google the term. I won't lie. I looked at the list of dystopian fiction movies before the books.

As I came up with ideas, I would say to myself: Grrr... this idea is a little too much like Planet of the Apes. This one is a little too much like A Boy and His Dog. I eventually settled with a world where women dominated men. It was very difficult for me to write, since, as a man, I can claim that I know very little about women's plight. Who knows. Someone probably already wrote a novel about it. I hope you guys enjoy it. I look forward also to reading others' pieces for this week's contest.

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