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Welcome to my Blog

Published by lucifer1101 in the blog lucifer1101's blog. Views: 64

Alright here we go, this is my blog and this is my introductory post, so get used to me by reading this.

My name is Jason but I use Lucifer1101 for online purposes, I live in Melbourne, Australia and I have moved around the east coast here for most of my life, I have been interested in writing for many years (I wanted to write my first book at around 12 years old) before that I just drew all sorts of things.

I have been coming up with ideas for different stories for some time now but i have never actually written them, I plan on using a piece of software to help me to organise all my work.

I hope to one day write a bestseller and become a fantastic writer, to educate the next generation and entertain many people around the globe.
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