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Well I got hacked Sorta...

Published by Cave Troll in the blog Cave Troll's blog. Views: 107

I don't know why or who thought it would be funny to use my email address to create a FL account and troll around. Fortunately they didn't have the skill to delete the email you get when you join the site.
Luckily I solved the problem, and have deleted the account.

But why make up an account and troll me? I deleted my account, a while back.
So why would someone cook up another one for a joke? Needless to say I was not amused,
Seems they got bored with their BS cause they only posted two
nonsensical sentences about I have no idea. IDK why or understand why, but
hopefully it won't happen again.
Though I did find it weird that they used the same picture I use on my Facebook,
but that might just be a wide coincidence. Either way it was creepy and weird.

I just don't get why people do what they do for amusement.
Just hope that it doesn't happen again, cause I don't find it funny.
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