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Well then..

Published by dushechka in the blog dushechka's blog. Views: 150

I must admit; it's been a very strange year for me.

August 1st was my last day at work (for rather stupid reasons, actually), and the last week or so I've been visiting job agencies, and colleges, just to see if I fit anywhere.

Apparently, the man we spoke to at the College, thinks I should go to University instead. He seems to think I won't get enough "stimulation" if I take College courses. It's interesting, simply because I've never had the actual opportunity to attend college, let alone university, because I've never actually "graduated" through any public school systems (homeschooled for 12 years).

I guess I liked knowing this man, this educated man, thought I had the potential to succeed intellectually.

It was a really nice moment for me.

Not to mention on the way to one of our local coffee shops I found a loonie (Canadian dollar for those not in the know : p) on the sidewalk. I called it my lucky dollar and I won't be spending it.

That day was a very good day.

The night on the other hand, held a lot of drama. A friendship nearly broken for stupid reasons, reasons I never even knew would be considered reasons. But, I have one more chance.. so he says. Lets hope to God I don't blow it. (A six year friendship down the drain isn't exactly fun, if you know what I mean).

We went to a thrift store yesterday as well, and I bought a book of Doctor Zhivago poems. Apparently it has a defect (the cover is upside down compared to what's inside). But I think that gives it character.

I'm in a state of hope right now. Hope that this time next year, before my 20th birthday, I'll be in school, my friend will still be here beside me, and my funds will not have completely diminished.

I can dream, right?
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