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We're Interested In Apathy

Published by Oscar Leigh in the blog Oscar Leigh's blog. Views: 220

Anyone of you Americans heard of an Aussie band called TISM? They're a very social/political group that make strong statements in comedic songs performed in odd costume(not in clip). The point is there's this one song whose meaning is deeply chilling actually. At least to me. I want to talk about this and why this is so important to me.
Here it is: .

The idea is that humans are fundamentally distracted by mundane issues, events and desires from the social goods we believe in. It's sooo easy not to get involved seriously in them. To let the poor starve. The oppressed suffer. The diseased die. So on. And it's everywhere; look how much pop culture and gossip and personal issues and personal ambitions are promoted in our society. We're saturated with stuff that makes it easy to care while not acting on that care at all; so functionally not caring.
I think that overcoming this is the highest goal of anyone who aspires to be morally productive as well as achieving personal benefits. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we all have a selfish instinct; that drives us to care only about ourselves and those around, giving passing mention to "ideals." To be truly moral I believe personally you have to be involved in some form of moral progress, either in your career or as activism, preferably both. I intend to contribute some form of study in my career, academics is my interest. I also like writing fiction as hobby, which can entertain and spread ideas of truth and morality. But I also strongly believe in advocating non-violence, civil rights and socialism. As well as my take on certain debates of understanding related to these. As a result, it saddens me to see how much our leaders represent a hesitance to move forward. We're scared of going too fast. But I say fuck that. We're not going fast enough, there is always more to do and we can deal with consequences by making informed decisions and providing preventative measures or counter-measures. Thus I identify as strongly progressive.
Thank you for your time. Hope you have a good day. :blowkiss::blowkiss:
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