Werewolf Anthology Competition

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[Copied and pasted from my external blog. Please do take a look. I'm trying to update regularly, every few days or so]

The anthology of werewolf stories “Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets” is now finally available from amazon.co.uk (after having been available on its US counterpart for some time already; due to the bureaucracy of online retailing)!

It contains twenty-five short stories, all of which are werewolf-themed, and guaranteed to show you all the facets of the man-wolf legend you could imagine. It includes stories from yours truly (whose, excitingly, is the lead story of the anthology), as well as a plethora of other talented horror writers, including proflific short story author Lawrence R. Dagstine.

The anthology is priced at £11.99, and for 25 stories, that’s not bad value. But to mark the occasion, I’m launching a little competition. The prize: a copy of the anthology (which will even be signed by my bloated ego!).

If you want to win this handsome prize, simply post a comment on my external blog entry [sorry about this, but it doesn't notify me on here, and I don't want anyone to be missed] (or email me at matthewsdent[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk) telling me why you think you should win. In two weeks time, I’ll pick my favourite to claim the prize. The competition is open to residents of any country that Royal Mail will deliver to, so I want to see plenty of entries and imaginative reasons as to why I should pick you.

The only condition I place on it, is that if you win, once you’ve read it you review it on amazon (and on whatever else you like). But I don’t think that’s really such a hardship for you wonderful people, do you?
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