What a let down...

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My band teacher announced there would be a playing on one of our pieces of music. I am in a lower level band class so that I can get used to playing with braces and the music is fairly easy. I could play the rhythms just fine, it was my tone that I was worrying about. So in preparation for the quiz, I spent a lot of time at home doing long tones to help improve my tone and practicing the piece to be quizzed on. So on the quiz day I come in during my lunch period and start to practice the piece again with great tone and articulation. I was completely confident that I could play the piece and score an A. My band director wasn't there when class started so the class had to wait in the chorus room. half a class later, she gets here and we start to play through our music. When there is ten minutes of class left, she starts the quizzes, going down the list in alphabetical order. Since my last name begins with W, I'm pretty much dead last. Class ends and she doesn't even get down the list. So she tells the class that the quiz will continue NEXT week and that it will be on any of the pieces we are playing. I had spent a week of preparation perfecting that one piece and on the day I have good tone quality, I'm not quizzed. Knowing my luck, I'll be quizzed on a piece I don't know very well and it will be when my tone is crap... Seriously, what a let down. :(
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