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Ooohh, Today is a good day.

So what If it started off a little rubbish? When Dad told me he was feeling too sick to take me to the open day at middlesex uni after all (Which i'd been looking forward to), inside me, my intuition bubbled. I knew there'd be a reason why I'd go to school today instead of the open day.
I'd been awaiting results from a suprise genre paper exam that'd been sprung on those of us studying English Language, and for once we'd not been given the three texts in a previous lesson for annotations and guidance from our tutor. They were given to us totally fresh and unread, and we had two hours in which to annotate all three texts and write a comparative analysis of them with a linguistic approach (of course, it being english language 'n' all)

So, I'd written about six pages, though I was concious of the fact that i'd spent far too much time on Text A, spent an 'okay' amount of time on Text B and barely scraped anything from Text C having run out of time. Silly me, but oh well.

Today, My results came back; I'd gotten the best mark in the class! I got an A! AN A! wahoo!!

I'm SO sick of B's! I pretty much squealed with delight. Sure, a certain so called 'friend' had a face like thunder (She's adament that she's far more intelligent than the rest of us, despite the fact that she revises for 4 hours every night and still manages to produce an average C, if not lower.) but most of my friends were congratulating me!

He even embarressed me in front of the class by saying how well I'd done. He said my analysis was excellent all the way through! Of course I went bright red, but still.

That was my first A this term and i'm so pleased! If I do this well again in June, then I might just get an A over all for English at A-level. Not bad for someone who barely turns up to school, eh?! (Seriously. I'm constantly missing lessons)

My course work came back too, I got a B+, and I'd already anticipated that he'd ask for more scenery description to get a higher mark; i'd attempted a new, more simplistic technique, so I knew he'd perhaps expect a little more imagery (which i'd usually deliver). Still, for a first draft that's cool with me, I'll get it up to an A easily enough now.

I know it sounds like i'm boasting, but i'm really not. I'm just so happy! But you know what? Sod anyone who thinks i'm being big headed. I've done well and i'm bloody proud of myself; despite any so called friends who sit there with a face like thunder just because their friends have done better than they could.

Blegh, let her stew. Speaking of stew, I had that for dinner! Wahey.

Today has been great! :D
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