What A Woman Does

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Short Story :)

I caught a glimpse of that smile and it struck me like a spear. Caught a glimpse of her eyes and I wanted a little more. I watched her sit down in the chair in front of me, her body appetizing as she crossed her legs, feet in white sandals with pretty pink nails- bright skin behind eyes like hazel mirrors throwing their light back towards me. I swear I could almost hear her legs rub together- her hands sliding down across her thigh as she looked up, same smile cutting down to the white meat. Amazing eyes. Like light in a pool of water.

I rose up and stood beside her, blood racing and hands tingling. Surely it was my mind, but I could almost feel her already. She didn't seem to mind,looking up without blinking, eyes swallowing me whole. I bent low to her hair, just behind the air and whispered, "What's your name."

She giggled. Looked up at me without speaking, pulling her lips between her teeth and said, "Micheal"

I shot upright, blinking. Recoiling, in fact. I did a double-take from head to toe, looking around to see if anybody saw. Reserved disappointment shadowed her face. His face. His face? God, look at him. He...she...shim loosed her legs and folded them the other way, her face turned down as if to give me the chance to escape. I fell back down in my chair, eyes pouring over this illusion. Surely there must be a sign. A hanging thread or something. She was absolutely impeccable. Stunning. Wait. Did her eyes look a little shadowed? No...that might be...her sadness. His sadness.

Beating my hands on my thigh, I tried to ignore him for the moment. Silence was thick enough to suffocate in. After a while, he turned to look right at me, same eyes as before, and then did the unthinkable. He rose up, glided across the small anteroom, and sat down beside me. I watched him as if he turned into a human botfly. He leaned as close as I allowed him to and said, "What is your name?"

He might as well have spoken Plutonian. I could only stare, shocked, still trying to look for a sign in the face. The neck. The cheekbones. Incredible. Even the voice was...attractive. I had to laugh. In fact, I think I was. I was laughing in his face, but I couldn't stop. He didn't seem taken aback this time. He just shook his head and laughed too. Rather sporting of him, I would say. He then extended his hand, still in a very feminine way. This dude is really in character. I shook it as I would a mans. It freakin felt soft. The next words out of my mouth I will never forget.

"Maam. You are the most convincing display I have ever seen in my life." with that, he doubled over laughing still holding my hand and I eased up a bit. Blind me if he didn't sound just like a woman.

"A woman does what she can."
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