What about... Diversity and the heterosexual white male

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(from a thread that closed while I was typing in it. I plop the thought here for a future scene)

Write Without Fear (says the walking parody of myself). But, own what you say.
I read everything here, and I have two stories that attack all these issues. And, I mean attack.
The Stereotypical White Moron discovers the world is a larger place as he lives it. What does he do when he meets black people that have always been there, but he never knew they existed in 'his' world. It's not his world. That's the point. He finds himself in 'their' world and just thinks it's 'the world', or more of it. The interaction is the point. He starts a friendship with a black man purely based on their encounter with each other. You find, in that time, that black is part of an identity culture and not a 'race' (to them) - Community is more important to them all, Puerto Rican, Cuban, black, etc. They all face the same threat. Gangs.
It's not about who gets to be in the story, it's who Daniel meets in the story. Feeling uncomfortable hearing black people refer to each other as 'black', he asks the question about African Americans.
"If I black, call me black. I ain't no African."
Issue done. Nobody is looking for a fight. More important shit out there to deal with in their real world. Next, he has a black girlfriend. Not because it's some kind of demonstration, but simply because she brazenly claims him for sex. She brazenly doesn't give a shit what anybody else thinks, and they accept her decision because of her will, not for some vaporous issue. They devour each other, carnivorously, because that's what they feel, together.
Deal with it, right in your face. That's the point I make. I hope you enjoy it as a reader, but they don't give a shit and neither do I. If I got you to feel anything at all - That is the point.
Later, on an island, he meets a girl and has wonderful sex, then discovers she is a bi-gender genetic male.
He has to deal with it, Reader, and so do you. It's drama. It is what it is. Come along for the ride. That's the point. I own that.

The other? The world ends and a man gets put in charge of everything left. He gets to decide what lives or dies; culture, religion, race, sexual identity, people, even personality. He is governed only by the Dignity Law. Either some will survive, or everything down to the last child will perish forever. Deal with that along with him. I own that, and you can too, just get a pen.

I do not own gay, I do not own black or green, or politics or morals or philosophy. Or Diversity. Neither do any of us people-things.
If you jump on a wagon you do not own, you still crash with it.
So, the answer is, yes. It's OK. (Just don't bore me.)
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