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What do I need? You?

Published by Normal in the blog Normal's blog. Views: 84

So after just having posted in my own blog that doesn't have that many followers, I sometimes feel left drained that all the creative juices have already been splattered all over the screen on my tiny macbook. So to be fair to myself I dont think I've been giving an honest effort to writing, I mean I write the occasional story now and then but it seems to end there, if you were to google 'freelance writing job' you may come across a site called "journalismjobs.com. As you can imagine its filled with postings of requests for skilled and talented writers from all walks of life.

I've come to the conclusion that if I want to be taken seriously as a writer then I MUST bolster my writing portfolio. So it begins, I write opinion pieces, journalism, I even write about my day at the farmers market. Writing reviews for movies and television shows as well can help me out.
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