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What if your story is a combination of various genres?

Published by cynthia_1968 in the blog cynthia_1968's blog. Views: 82

I'm just like you: I like to write even tough I've CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).

But I don't write in a specific genre. It's more a combination of Horror/Thriller/Fantasy and Sci-Fi and also a reflection with real events that happened in the past.

So under what category do you have to put your story in? I honestly don't know. If you write specifically about vampires, then hey: it's horror. But what if your story is about a vampire, who's actually a vampire slayer and who not only fight nasty underworld creatures like zombies. But also fight alongside a secret agency against terrorists who want to blow up US citizens. And what if there are some sci-fi-related elements in the mix?

I still haven't figured out under which category I've to put my stories....

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