What is Egde?

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In this section we will explore what is edge and its history.
Two questions answered for the price of one.
What is Edge?
That's a good question, no one really knows what Edge is. Its a place where reality is an illusion that exist. It has been harvested by ancient species and cultivated by many species.
Its called Edge because its like a planet, but it hangs off where space starts to cut off and no longer exist.
What is the history of Edge?
Have you ever wonder what happened to those species, that "God" never kept. They grew into far more intellectual species and went to Edge.
The species harvested and created the land.
There have been no ancient wars and there have been no ancient battles.
All the species seem to understand each other and seemed to understand how to keep peace.
Only in this year, 6010, have they found themselves in trouble as humans have seemed to come and settle on their land.
This is the first time a species who hadn't been outcasted has been brought to Edge.
Or has brought itself to Edge.
But then again it was a spaceship of people vacationing in space and got lost in an electric wave of sorts. They began to populate Edge and now threaten the whole society of Edge.
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