What is love?

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The word caring comes to mind. Fed clothed taken care of etc. But they say that kissing and hugging are the essential's in caring and love. I feel I was left out tog that loop when I was a child. My parents cared for me the best they knew how is my excuse for not understanding the true word called love. I never remembered kissing or hugging my two children, but my two boys and I went everywhere together. They are grown now and I am reflecting these thoughts from my past. They know and understand I love them faults and all and vice versa.

I think the more one truly, loves the harder it is to not cry when they die. Age I have down perfectly, remembering ones past brings depression tears and regret the things one didn't do when one had the chance to do. For the rest of my life the only thing I can do, "is love everybody" regardless of there faults. My heart is broken with these memories. God forgive me as well. My emotions have all my life controlled me and not vice versa.

Is it better to love with the mind instead of the heart? Is it possible to love from the mind than the heart? It is said, love comes from the heart, understanding comes from the mind. It would seem both these entities are spiritual, if that is the case how can one not believe in God? writer one
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