LaGs Mar 10, 2012
Interesting blog, Mugen

I think the days are gone when you get a book that really captures the public's imagination, either through shock, inventiveness or sheer brilliance. And that's through the whole internet information age rather than literature being dead as such. There's just too much of a sea of information out there that I've kind of abandoned the idea of any of my ideas being discussed, let alone noticed. They're never going to be original anyway, being realistic. Perhaps one day it might get a passing mention, but i wouldn't hold my breath. Would that be overly cynical?

I think it all stems from what you want to get out of your writing in the first place. If it's for others to see how great you are then you're wasting your time. Writing for me nowadays is, as you say, a very personal thing; of expression and enjoyment and, sometimes, trying to be clever with words. It wouldn't even bother me if none of my work ever gets read, although it is nice to get feedback.

Your comment about being flexible and open-minded is spot on, although it's difficult in practice. On many occasions I have a good mind to dump the lot of what I've written because I know it isn't up to scratch; I mean deleted, permanently, as though it never existed, but then I cling on to the hope that it can be chopped and changed and made good. It's rarely the case. When you're in full flow that's when the good stuff comes out, but when you're constantly stop-starting, cutting sentences and paragraphs, that's when you can really lose sight of why you started writing that piece in the first place.